Wizard Construction Kit Extension for Reload (WCKER)

wcker small

E-learning is an emergent area of education and the technological demands of creating an online course often divorce the experienced educator from the physical processes of creating an online course. Similarly, the demands of the online environment require subtle changes of approach when compared to the face-to-face environment.

For this reason, those with subject expertise often struggle to create pedagogically sound courseware despite a proven ability in academic teaching. Those with a proven ability in online design are often unaware of the pitfalls peculiar to online learning.

Tools to assist the developers of online courses have been in great demand and the Reload tool has emerged as a popular choice. This tool does not, however, always suit the non-technologically-minded course developer.

The aim of the successful WCKER project was to build a task-focused, user-friendly interface for the Reload content packaging tool.

By drawing together educators, technological specialists and experts in e-learning TALL were able to create a tool that benefits the whole online learning community regardless of institution, subject area or geography. Together the team created a 'wizard' type application, seamlessly blended with Reload, that guides novice and advanced course creators through the key stages of course production.

The Wizard encourages the creation of pedagogically sound courses, well structured and designed specifically for online delivery. It does this by interfacing a step-by-step wizard with the existing Reload tool in turn encouraging the creation of rigorous, effective courseware by non-technically specialist educators.

This approach allows for the creation of a library of wizards each addressing different pedagogically and technically sound approaches to e-learning development.

WCKER project website.