Developing New Models to Transform the Delivery and Support of Learning for Continuing and Professional Learners at the University of Oxford

The Cascade project aimed to use technology to enable the Department for Continuing Education to respond better to the challenges of the government’s ELQ policy by enabling the Department to undertake its activities more efficiently, develop new, or repurpose existing, activities and augment the services currently offered to students.

Project work was undertaken in the following five focus areas, where the application of technology offered the greatest potential impact, either through financial efficiencies, greater effectiveness, or efficient application across a number of activities:

  1. Improving access to VLE support for courses
  2. Online assignment handling
  3. Development of generic content
  4. Extension of online enrolment and payment for courses
  5. Review of the course design process

Working with staff and students across the Department, the Cascade team piloted activities and developed new tools, then used the results to implement improved systems and services, and to deliver a range of enhancements to teaching and learning processes, in all five focus areas.

The video case study, produced by JISC to support their Learning in a Digital Age - extending opportunities for lifelong learning publication, offers a good overview of the project.

The Cascade project was funded by JISC as part of the Transforming curriculum delivery through technology programme. The project commenced in November 2008 and finished in December 2010.

To find out more visit the Cascade project website or contact:

Sean Faughnan, Project Director

Marion Manton, Project Manager