OER Impact Study

The OER Impact Study was a JISC-funded research project examining the impact of Open Educational Resources on teaching and learning in UK higher education. It was part of Phase 2 of the JISC/HE Academy Open Educational Resources Programmme. The study was undertaken jointly by TALL and the Learning Technologies Group of Oxford University Computing Services.

The principal aim of the study was to inform the academic community of the current impact of OER on teaching and learning from institutional, lecturer and student perspectives, by examining issues such as:

  • The patterns of behaviour in the use and reuse of OER by lecturers and students
  • The factors conducive to uptake and sustained practice in the use of OER, as well as some of the barriers
  • The impact on the teaching and reputation of teaching staff and the effect on the student experience
  • Programme and institutional level approaches to OER for teaching and learning

To achieve this, the project:

  • Reviewed current research and thinking in the area, both formal and informal
  • Surveyed, interviewed and ran workshops to collect rich, in-depth, qualitative data from a small number of participants

The findings of the study were published in the following two reports:

The project team produced the following video to summarise the findings of the Study:

David White also discussed the Study's findings in an interview with JISC's Rebecca O'Brien. Listen to a podcast of the interview:

The project began in November 2010 and ended in June 2011.

For further information visit the project website or contact:

David White, Project Manager
Email: david.white@conted.ox.ac.uk

Marion Manton, Researcher
Email: marion.manton@conted.ox.ac.uk