Learning Design Support Environment

The Learning Design Support Environment (LDSE) was an ESRC/EPSRC-funded Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) project undertaken by a team of higher education partners led by Professor Diana Laurillard at the Institute of Education. TALL contributed to the project as part of a team of learning technologists from the University of Oxford.

The principal aim of the project was to work with practising teachers to develop a software tool to support the critical task of designing effective technology-enhanced teaching.

Building on earlier research, a prototype interactive LDSE was designed to support teachers' decision making at all stages from basic planning to creative TEL design; from a single learning session to a module delivered over several weeks. Once uploaded, a teacher's learning design is automatically displayed in a pie-chart showing the make up of different teaching and learning activities, and feedback is given on how to achieve a better balance, and thereby enhance the learning experience. Teachers can also access the learning designs created by other teachers, adapt them to their own requirements, and build upon them.

Underpinning the project was an ethos of reflective collaborative design within a community of practitioners, informed by sound pedagogical research, and a belief in the value of computer-supported collaborative learning to teachers' professional development.

The following is a short 5-minute video about the LDSE project.

The project began in September 2008 and ran to November 2011.

For further information see the LDSE project website or contact:

Marion Manton, Co-Investigator
Email: marion.manton@conted.ox.ac.uk