Visitors and Residents: What motivates engagement with the digital information environment?

The JISC-funded Visitors and Residents project is a collaboration between TALL and OCLC Research, a non-profit international computer library service and research organisation. The project aims to increase understanding of how learners engage with the web and how educational services and systems can attract and sustain a possible new group of learners.

Building on TALL's research of individuals' type of engagement with electronic resources (Visitors and Residents), and the JISC-funded Digital Information Seekers report, the project is examining the sources learners turn to in order to gather information, and which medium they choose as part of the learning process. The project will assess whether this shifts according to the learners' educational stage or if they develop practices in the early learning stages that remain largely unchanged as they progress into other learning stages. Learners from both the UK and the US are participating in the project, which will enable the project team to explore potential cultural differences between the two countries.

A six-month pilot project was successfully completed in August 2011 and a further six-months of funding was awarded for Phase II of the project. It is hoped that additional funding will be awarded to enable the project to evolve into a three-year longitudinal study investigating the four educational stages from school to early career researcher.

For further information visit the project website or contact:

David White, Co-Investigator