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There has been much hype surrounding e-learning and only a few of the early development companies still survive. TALL's survival is due to our ability to adapt quickly in an ever-changing environment and our leadership in the development of new e-learning paradigms. We were, for example, one of the first institutions to use XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language) and 'learning objects' in course development, as well as being early adopters of the open source Moodle VLE. Currently, where appropriate, we are incorporating blogs, wikis and RSS feeds into our learning materials.

We are uniquely placed not only to offer a comprehensive service in designing and developing high-level learning solutions but also to provide consultancy and research expertise. Among other benefits we offer:

  • A standards compliant, XML process to allow simple re-use, adaptation and maintenance of learning materials
  • A tried and tested, flexible development process implemented by a diverse, experienced and expert team
  • A proven track record in innovative use of technology for online learning
  • An excellent learning solution developed to meet your requirements on time and on budget