Full list of courses

Below is a full list of all the courses that TALL has developed. Follow the links to find out more about each course. (Where no link is available, the course has either come to the end of its life, or is not running at the moment.)

Long courses

Masters level
Masters in Public Policy and Management (for the University of York)
Postgraduate Certificate in Nanotechnology
Undergraduate Diploma/Advanced Diploma level
Advanced Diploma in Data and Systems Analysis
Advanced Diploma in Local History
Diploma in Computing
Continuing Professional Development
Certificate Programme in Global Health
Immunology: an online pathway through the maze

Short courses

Masters level
Constructing and Applying High Resolution Climate Scenarios
Data Analysis in Ecology: Statistics for Ecologists and Field Biologists
Ethics for Biosciences
Field Techniques for Surveying Birds
Field Techniques for Surveying Fish & Amphibians
Field Techniques for Surveying Invertebrates
Field Techniques for Surveying Mammals & Reptiles
Field Techniques for Surveying Vegetation
Introduction to Statistics for Health Care Research
Key Concepts in Health Care for People Experiencing Homelessness
Mixing it up: Understanding and using mixed methods research in social sciences
Patient-Based Evidence
Perl for Bioinformatics
Statistical Computing with R and Stata
Statistics for Biosciences
Undergraduate level
Academic Literacy: An Introduction
Advanced Creative Writing
Advanced Writing Lives
Age of Revolution
Analysing Classical Music: An Introduction
Ancestral Voices: The Earliest English Literature
Ancient Egypt: An Introduction
Animal Behaviour: An Introduction
Archaeology in Practice
Archaeology of the Bible Lands
Architecture of the English Medieval Cathedral
Art Nouveau Across Europe
Bioethics for Beginners
Britain and Empire
Churchill: Soldier, Politician and Statesman
Civil War and Revolution: Britain Divided, 1640-60
Contemporary British Fiction
Critical Reading
Critical Reasoning: A Romp Through the Foothills of Logic
Dürer to Bruegel: Northern Renaissance Art c.1480-1580
Elizabeth I
Employee Ownership for the 21st Century
English Landscape Gardens: 1650 to the Present Day
English Poetry of the First World War
Ethics: An Introduction
Europe of the Dictators
Exploring Roman Britain
Exploring The Universe
Fiction by Victorian Women: George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell...
Getting Started in Creative Writing
Greek Mythology
Henry VIII
History of Economic Thought
History of Medicine
Indian Art: A History
Inequality and Labour Markets
Inter-culturally Speaking
International Labour Migration: Economics, Politics and Ethics
Introducing Mapping, Spatial Data & GIS
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to World Religions
Investigating the Elizabethans
Investigating the Victorians
Islamic Art and Architecture
Italian Renaissance Art c.1400–c.1500
Jane Austen
Leading Change and Action on Climate Change
Learning to Look at Modern Art
Learning to Look at the Visual Arts
Learning to Look at Western Architecture
Literary Theory: An Introduction
Macroeconomics: An Introduction
Microeconomics: An Introduction
Middle English Literature
Minoans and Mycenaeans
Modern Irish Literature: An Introduction
New Economic Powers
Nineteenth Century European Literature
Origins of Human Behaviour
People and Society: A Global Perspective
Philosophy Gym: Starting to Think Philosophically
Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Science
Political Philosophy: An Introduction
Politics: An Introduction
Pompeii and the Cities of the Roman World
Psychology: An Introduction
Public Policy Economics
Reality, Being and Existence: An Introduction to Metaphysics
Ritual and Religion in Prehistory
Social Anthropology: An Introduction
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Policy and Welfare States in the 21st Century
Study Skills
The Architecture of the English Medieval Cathedral
The Culture of the English Country House
The Fall of Rome
The First Civilization: Mesopotamia 3500-2000 BC
The First World War in Perspective
The Great Mathematicians
The Impressionists: Painting Modern Life
The Making of Modern Britain
The Modern American Novel: An Introduction
The Number Mysteries
The War of the Roses: Power, Politics and Personalities
Theory of Knowledge
Trollope, Eliot, Dickens and Hardy: Reading Victorian Fiction
Using the Victorian Census
Van Eyck to Memling: Northern Renaissance Art c.1430-1480
Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Settlers
Western Architecture: The Modern Era
Who Are The Celts?
Writing Drama
Writing Fiction
Writing Fiction for Young Adults
Writing Lives
Writing Poetry
An Introduction to the Science of Climate and Climate Change
Effective Online Course Design
Effective Online Tutoring
Getting Research Published: designing a publication strategy
Online Introduction to Electronics