About TALL

Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning (TALL) is an e-learning research and development team based at the University of Oxford's Department for Continuing Education. Established in 1996, TALL specialises in developing high quality online courses for the Higher Education sector.

TALL developed some of the first fully online learning courses available in the UK and since then has created a wide portfolio of courses both for the University of Oxford and other institutions.

Our experienced team focuses on the online learner's needs and combines this pedagogical approach with expert technical knowledge. We combine Oxford University's standards of educational excellence with effective innovative practice. TALL's learning solutions cover a full range of disciplines, with subjects from nanotechnology to art history, and use carefully selected delivery methods, each tailored to both the material and end-user.

We are also dedicated to researching pragmatic e-learning solutions. We undertake research projects into real e-learning issues. These projects, often conducted in partnership with external bodies, further our understanding of how technology can best be used in the learning environment.

Our expertise in the use of technology to aid education and communication puts us at the forefront of the field. If you have a communication or learning need and require your material delivered clearly through the use of technology, we have the tools and expertise to assist you with your project. Similarly, if you are involved in or considering researching any area of technology-assisted learning our team of experts is ideally placed to help.